Monday, July 16, 2007

It Was Serendipity

I had some carpet cleaners over at the house today. They did a great job, largely because of the powerful equipment that sits in their truck.
Having truck mounted equipment is the key to success.

Of course, the door has to stay open so that the hoses can reach from the truck. Well, a yellow jacket unfortunately found its way inside. On general principals, I can't kill a yellow jacket, so I had to find a way to safely capture and release the critter. Aha! I have a large, stinger-proof can that I just found in my pantry! I rounded up the coffee can and slowly worked my way up to the rather pissed-off visitor. Gingerly, I placed the can over it while it was sitting on a curtain. Success! Except, I neglected to bring something with which to cover the open end of the can so that I could deliver my captive to the mother land of the great outdoors. I stood there for a minute or so not quite knowing what to do when I saw my laptop bag about 6 feet away. I proceeded to slide the can down the window as I slowly lowered myself to the floor and extended my toe, followed by most of my body. I nabbed the bag and pulled it towards me. Success (take 2)! Inside was enough paperwork to safely cover the open end of the can, keeping my fingers and stinger well apart. I took my visitor outside where it is now free to roam and sting something other than me.

Nice can.

I'm glad I found that can.

1 comment:

Kim said...

I probably would've smacked the critter with the nearest magazine. Don't hate me.