Saturday, October 18, 2008


I was recently drafted into a competition with some friends. We're doing a boys vs. girls team challenge for an upcoming 5K race, the Gobble Jog. Since it's been a really long time since I've done any running, I thought I'd go down to Marietta High School and assess my condition on the track; it's not great. I ran 2 miles in 19:56. I'm definitely not setting any records with that. I did some internet searching and learned that for someone my age, a 26 minute 5K is near the 50th percentile. Given that the race is less than 6 weeks away, I'll be happy if I can finish it in 30 minutes flat. I don't think that's TOO optimistic.

Single Cup Coffee Club

Last year I bought a French press so I could enjoy some good coffee at home. I still have it and enjoy the coffee it produces, but the cleanup and prep time isn't always convenient. So, I finally took some advice and decided to give a single serving coffee maker a try. I bought the Keurig B66 coffee maker bundle found at Costco with some birthday money from Mom and Dad. It comes with a large variety of coffee, tea and hot cocoa cups to try. I am very pleased with the coffee and how quickly it can brew.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Peppered Vodka

I just tried some of Grant's Peppered Vodka. It is spicy perfection! Sure, my throat feels somewhat scalded now, but it is worth it. This was my mix:

1 part Grant's Peppered Vodka
3 parts low sodium V8
Celery salt to taste

No additional hot sauce required.