Friday, July 20, 2007

A Good Week For Shirts

Grant bought TWO shirts for me this week! He's been on the lookout for a mythical tiki shirt at Kohl's. None of the stores yet visited had it, but apparently they have had a good selection of shirts for me.

Did you say something?I've earned this one since I may, on occasion, not really pay much attention.

You might say that I hold a squirrel close to my heart.
And for this one, well, who could pass up a squirrel?


grantbob said...

I think the mystery of the elusive tiki shirts has been solved. The Queen of Kohl's located two tiki models Saturday that appeared to be the color I was shown by Dave but there were more like sports shirts... not totally sleeveless but not something I'd wear. :(

Jeff said...

I'm glad she found them. I went to a Kohl's near my house yesterday in search of the elusive shirts. They weren't there.