Sunday, March 15, 2009

No Sense Of Quality

Grant mentioned this to me last week. I just got around to reading an article about it. Essentially, it appears that younger people are preferring at an increasing rate the crappy sound of low quality MP3 music. My hope is that this is a passing anomaly since the new iTunes Plus standard is 256 kbps AAC. At least with that codec at that setting the lossy version is audibly indistinguishable from the CD version. Maybe kids will start to appreciate high quality audio again. Otherwise, this is just another indication that we're on the path to Idiocracy.


grantbob said...

I think there will continue to be waves of resurgence to decent audio. Like most things though the waves are dissipating. Eventually everyone will just be happy with their government-provided tunes in whatever format their provided player uses. I've been intentionally listening to more 8-bit music lately just to lessen the shock.

Hans said...

Get off my lawn!