Sunday, February 8, 2009

Red Rice Cooker

I decided that I should eat more rice. This led me to the decision that I should buy a rice cooker. I was guided by three thoughts:

1) The vegetarian meals and cooking styles I enjoy most use rice.
2) Much of the world's population survives thanks to rice.
3) I really don't like to cook, so anything I can do to make cooking rice easier is good.

I researched rice cookers online and talked to friends about their experiences with rice cookers, but ultimately I just went to Target and picked up this small, red one for $18; it was cheap and matched the accent color I use in the kitchen. Yesterday was my first time using it. It was great! I put in some rice, added some water, pressed the button and left for the grocery store. When I got home I was greeted by the smell of freshly cooked rice. Now I just need to focus on preparing a few, key recipes well and I'll be set.


SqueakyClef said...

Rice cookers Rock. You will love it!

Hans said...

I should get one for the office at work. I love rice thrown into a can of chicken soup or something like that. Hell, a can of chili over rice is good too (although I prefer Ramen and chili - I know... weird...)

Rich said...

I like ketchup on rice.. or rice and eggs for dinner.. Yum