Saturday, October 13, 2007

Start Of The Fall Season

The familiar, golden light of sunset greeted me on my first evening trip of the season to Kennesaw Mountain. I generally like to park along Burnt Hickory Road and then walk north up the trail that crosses over Pigeon Hill, Little Kennesaw Mountain and then Kennesaw Mountain. I think I am most at peace when walking the trails and sitting on the top of the mountain.
With a few squirrels, chipmunks, birds and crickets, I watched the sun retire for the day and welcomed the evening. There was one particularly sassy chipmunk that gave me a stern "chirping" as I tried to get a good look at it. I don't think it appreciated my attention. I would have taken a picture if I could, but the light was far, far too dim for any sort of shot.

This is the crescent moon as seen from the top of Pigeon Hill. By this point it was really dark, but I had to stop and sit for a while to appreciate this view. I look forward to many more sunsets on the mountain over the coming months.


Kim said...

Beautiful pictures!

Kim said...

Gets me thinking that the weather's changing, this might be a fun outing for those willing to make the trek.