Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gold Rush Days

Yesterday I took Mom, Dad and Simon to the Gold Rush Days festival in Dahlonega. This was actually an accident. I meant to take them to Helen, but I had a slight mix-up in my brain as to where I was driving. It worked out okay, though, since the festival was going on. This was a type of nice surprise. Even late in the day it was packed with people browsing the booths, enjoying the food and otherwise having a good time. I don't particularly care for buying stuff at events like this, but I enjoy taking pictures and watching the people.

Mom seemed to really like these wire sculptures. They were made to look like a band and swayed with the music that was playing (due to their spring-like nature). I really don't know where one would display something like this, and I don't think anyone else did either since I never saw anyone buy anything from this guy, but they do make for an interesting booth.


grantbob said...

I'd expect a better route planning from an iPhone user.

Nice springy people. They might be nice out in a garden area in back of the house or something. Put some speakers by them and you'd have your own full-time band.

Kim said...

Ditto to both of Grantbob's comments!