Monday, February 4, 2008


There is an interesting demonstration going on outside of my window. A few of us in the office have been watching it unfold over lunch. The Colombian Consulate is in the building next door to us, so I suppose that's what the anti-FARC demonstration is being held on top of our parking deck.


grantbob said...

Colombians Stage `Million Voices' March Against FARC

a dark ally said...

Jeff, what was "interesting" about it? I mean, why did it grab your attention enough to blog about it?

I participated in a demonstration in Boston at City Hall; I was surprised at the size of it but not the passion. I've been learning about the FARC situation for a few weeks - it seems ugly yet also that there are several forces at work that might somehow lead to an actual shift.

Jeff said...

Well, the "interesting" part is that the parking deck where the demonstration was staged is normally almost completely empty on top and it's not every day that an organized protest is held outside of my office window.

Curtis Forrester said...

Could it be that "dark ally" is upset that you were not more vocal about taking a position about the issues?

Personally I take issue with the rally - I mean there didn't appear to a good representation of the beautiful Columbians that we often see going to the consulate. :) We need to change and all that...

a dark ally said...

Hey Curtis,

wow - I just realized I ought to glance at this particular email address once in a while, I apologize for the non-response (how rude!)

I'd have to go back and re-read the thread to respond adequately, but I wonder where/how you are with things now? I'm not sure what you mean by me not taking a clear stance, though - do you mean that I didn't leap in and assume that whoever's "side" I learned first was automatically right and virtuous?

I think the practice of kidnapping is horrific and the suffering of those kidnapped and everyone who loves them obscene. I also recognize that - given a reversal of situation or random chance of birth, any of us could be in the position of those committing these crimes. Some humane compassion is due for that, even if it is accompanied by moral outrage.