Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's Snoopy!

We like to decorate around the office for holidays. This year for Christmas we split into teams and turned it into a contest. I won't name names, but an opposing team spent literally hours of time to turn the entrance to our office into a winter wonderland. My team, consisting of me, Rich, Grant and Mary decided that we wouldn't go to such extreme lengths. Instead, we focused on tradition and simplicity... Peanuts. Obviously, we should win.


Hans said...

I haven't even seen the others and you guys win, HOLY CRAP THAT IS AWESOME!!! I so love the tree... I heard you guys are even going to have the music playing in the background from Charlie Brown's Xmas... I declare you the winner of the LogicJunction/IPA Xmas decoration contest. You're sure to win the VistaScape/SIEMENS contest too. I heard about the other team's plan and it sounds 'nice' but Charlie Brown Xmas? NO FRICKIN' WAY YOU GUYS DON'T WIN!

Kim said...

Love the display guys! Totally creative. So what prize is LogicJunction gonna award, you besides bragging rights? ;)