Thursday, August 16, 2007

Athens - Day 1

We just arrived in Athens and were greeted by quite a bit of adventure. The adventure actually started on the plane ride. It was one of the bumpier rides I've been on recently. It almost reminded me of the plane ride one takes when getting up to altitude for skydiving. Getting through the airport was actually quite easy as we were arriving from another EU country. Instead of taking the train system, we opted for a taxi to take us to the hotel. He wasn't really sure where it was (and I don't blame him now that I'm here), but fortunately I had multiple maps. On the way we noticed a fire on the mountainside. The picture above is from the balcony outside my room at the Hotel Nafsika. You can see a fire fighting helicopter in the scene. It's really, really windy here. I hope they have some luck containing it.

And this is a view of my room. The beds are a bit firm and I have yet to find a way to turn on the air conditioner, but the view is nice and they offer free WiFi. I don't think my colleague is too pleased with the environment just yet, but I'm sure she'll suck it up and adjust. I'm going to head out to get some pictures of the Acropolis, Parthenon, etc. I think she'll enjoy Athens much more after a little scouting. Maybe I'll find a way to turn on the AC, too. That should help.


grantbob said...

Looks like a radiator on the wall to me. Not AC.

Rich said...

Watch you shins.