Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Answer Is At Callaway Gardens

My friend's Towel Day post makes mention of the fact Hitchhiker's Guide may not be "quite as fictitious as once thought." I was reminded of this today. I decided to take my parents to Callaway Gardens as neither of them had ever been and they rarely get to go out and do fun things. While I was checking out the web site to get the directions, I noticed that you take exit 42 to get there (I tend to notice that number thanks to Hitchhiker's Guide). Then, when I pulled up to the gate to pay for entry, the fee was $42. While at the gift store, I noticed some of those hanging bead curtains (Grant and I are considering getting beads to put in our office doorway). The ones in the gift shop were $42. Finally, after leaving the gardens, I stopped at the gas station so I could fill up my parent's car with gas. It cost exactly $42.74 (42 and the year of my birth). Maybe it's just because I look for signs in the everyday business of the mundane, but I couldn't ignore that obviously I was being presented with the answer. The problem is that I don't know what the question is.
He may be almost 80, but he still looks sly.

Here's a picture of Mom and Dad sitting outside of the butterfly house.

Maybe the butterfly knows the question.

This butterfly decided to take a ride on my hat. I don't blame it; it's a nice hat.

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